The police check is not the same as working with children checks. However, the type of organization you work with would determine if you need both. The police check is more of a list of reports and it is not an assessment. The police check is necessary when you find you are newly employed, or a volunteer or has work experience.

 This police check may be used by the employer to evaluate if you are compatible with the variety of jobs. Let us consider an employee that has just applied for a job at the clothing store. The owner of the company or the employee would want to make a check to confirm that the employee is not fraudulent.

 Because such a person would be handling part of the finances of the company. There is a need to ensure that the employee is credible and not a scammer. For individuals who are immigrating, applying for visas, adoption, or any reason at all that has to do with the commonwealth legislation, you can reach out to the federal police. you could also check their webpage to download the application form.


Every official that is doing any work related to children must have a check regardless of you having the police check. It is even under the worker screening act. The police check in some states does not allow employees to do any child-related work.

In the children’s check, you either pass or fail while in the paycheck, you neither pass nor fail. For the police checks, results are provided only as of the date they are issued while for the children’s check card, it expires five years after. The police check does not carry out a professional review on the product determinations and findings from the authorized bodies stated in the Act unlike the children check.

For the police check, the applicants are only provided with a snapshot as at the date of the check and there is no extra information provided but in the children check, there is the notification of changes whilst the card check is viable.


   The security of the checks is usually protected by these few levels of encryption. They are:

  • Exclusive online check verification
  • The watermark that is specific to the national crime check reports
  • Secure tamper-proof paper.

The date these police checks are issued are most times current and cannot be exchanged between various agencies and companies. Although depending on the type of organization you have applied in, it is left to them to request for police checks having recent dates and this requirement may differ from one organization to the other.


Most police checks charge the individual applying. It does not matter if you are a volunteer at what you do, so far you are registering for the police check application, you will be required to pay a fee for the verification and data retrieval. Although, sometimes volunteers may be lucky enough to have it done at a cheaper rate.

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