Woodworking is a very satisfying craft to learn professionally or as a part-time skill. With woodworking skills, you can create unique wood items to improve your home. Whether you are a novice or an advancing craftsman in woodworking, the right reference material plays a key role in growing your skills and creating quality wood items.

Many books on woodworking help you advance from the basics and push you to higher levels of woodworking mastery in the future. Reference materials for woodworking guide you on designing products and help you understand the benefits of modern woodworking machines. Here are our best picks.

The Complete Book of Woodworking by Tom Carpenter

This book talks about 40 project plans for differently skilled woodworkers and more than 1200 definitive guides and diagram illustrations on woodworking projects. As such, it is a valuable learning reference book for novice and expert woodworkers. It introduces beginners to the principles of woodwork designs, tool basics such as inventables, setting up a workshop, and essential woodworking methods to propel your knowledge to the next level. The book also features tips and tricks from expert woodworkers and the dos and don’ts of professional wood products.

Build Stuff With Wood by Asa Christiana

When you think about setting up a woodworking workshop for professional purposes, ideas of large and intimidation machines may come to your mind. But Asa Christiana says that you don’t need expensive equipment to create good-looking wooden items. This book guides the beginner woodworker to the inexpensive side of woodworking. It features 14projects that can be accomplished with simple tools like a jigsaw and a drill. It enables you to accustom to applications of basic woodworking tools as you progress to greater ones.

Woodworking for Dummies by Jeff Strong

This book guides you on the essentials you need to get started on woodworking. It informs you of the foundation tools to use, adhesives, types of woods in the market, and how they are processed. The guide introduces the world of woodworking and how to navigate it. Woodworking for dummies condenses complex woodworking information to understandable texts; therefore is an excellent introductory into woodworking.

Making Authentic Craftsman Furniture by Gustav Stickley.

Gustav Stickley is credited for most of the influential furniture designs in America. The book has seen many sales since it was published more than 30years ago. His wood designs have been named timeless because of their sturdiness and elegant simplicity. Making Authentic Craftsman Funiture features 62 of his best designs to enable various skill levels of woodworkers to create fine pieces. The projects include the originals guides of the early 20th-century woodworking, schematic drawings, lumber specifications, accurate measurements, and wood types to use.

The Joint Book: The Complete Guide to Wood Joinery by Terrie Noll

A carpenter can construct many things related to wood. Unlike a carpenter, a joiner has specialized skills for making construction components like window frames, stairs, door frames, and furniture. Any piece of woodworking depends on the joinery. The Joint Book has detailed instructions on various woodworking joints, including tenon joints, dovetails, miters and bevels, and hardware involved in woodworking.


When buying a woodworking book, evaluate the author’s expertise, the woodworking subject, and your skill level.

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