Damian Humphrey of Enfield Connecticut Examines How Africana Studies Help Young Students

Damian Humphrey of Enfield Connecticut has long been a proponent of Africana Studies and believes it is a unique and vital part of American history for many to study. And as a growing number of schools start integrating programs like these into their curriculum, he believes these studies will transform more and more people and fight the dangers of racism. It is fascinating to see just how diverse the benefits may be for all involved.

Damian Humphrey of Enfield Connecticut Examines Africana Studies

The term “Africana Studies” refers to the examination of the African American experience throughout history and how it impacts the current development of American society. It is a unique program that Damian Humphrey of Enfield Connecticut believes will benefit anybody. While it is often a powerful way for African Americans to understand their importance, it also helps those outside of this community.

For example, those young African Americans struggling with anxiety or depression due to racial tensions can look into Africana Studies to get an idea of the progress that has been made. While there is still so much more that has to be done, they can see that real change has happened. And that through persistent work and effort, great things can be accomplished, and the world transformed.

Just as importantly, Damian Humphrey of Enfield Connecticut finds that these lessons help inspire young African Americans and older ones as well. As much of the history of this culture has been hidden or ignored, delving deeply into it can inspire older people who feel left out and make it easier for them to relate not only to their young children or grandchildren but better understand the world around them.

What about people not of African American heritage? Africana Studies may be even more vital for them in many ways. So many misunderstandings and racial conflicts occur because other individuals outside an oppressed race do not understand them. By focusing on African Studies from a unique perspective, it is possible to expand this area of thought in many ways.

For example, Damian Humphrey of Enfield Connecticut believes that the many breakthroughs, artistic creations, and cultural concepts common in African American culture can highlight fascinating elements about it that many others may enjoy. This type of connection is essential to make relatively young, too, which is why Africana Studies should start young and before any racist thoughts may begin.

It is through this kind of cultural connection that real progress can be made. If students can be taught that very little truly separates people beyond their cultural experiences, relationships and similarities can be noted and emphasized. And, hopefully, the type of racial strife that still exists in pockets throughout the nation can be brought to an end within the next generation or two.

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