Everything You Need to Know About Tattoo Removal

As an increasing number of people are getting tattoos, increasing cases of people regretting their tattoos. This article will introduce the basics of tattoo removal and some effective methods that can help you remove those unwanted tattoos.

What Is Tattoo Removal?

Tattoo removal is when a tattoo is entirely or partly obliterated by removing the ink particles that form it.

What Can Be Done to Remove Tattoos?

In order to remove a tattoo, several strategies and treatments can be applicable:

1. Laser removal

This method uses laser pulses to break down the pigment in the skin on the tattoo’s location. The trouble with this method is that the laser cannot penetrate beyond the top layer of skin, so tattoos that are deep in the skin can’t be effectively removed this way. For the laser to perform its work efficiently, it is advisable to consult Sentient Lasers to help with maintenance and guidance.

2. Emulsification

This method uses microscopic droplets of liquid to break down tattoo ink particles. This method is popular because it has few side effects and doesn’t require surgery, but it is effective only when tattoos are superficial.

3· Surgery

In this method, the tattoo is partially cut away from the skin, and the inside ink particles are scraped off using a scalpel or a unique instrument. The procedure is expensive and requires several sessions before complete removal is possible.

4· Dermabrasion

In this method, a high-speed rotating brush works by gently sanding down the surface layer of skin where a tattoo is located. This method also runs the risk of scarring as well as complications such as inflammation and infection.

5. Chemical Peels

In this method, the top layer of skin is removed, and a chemical mixture is used to destroy the ink particles underneath. This method has many side effects and complications similar to those of dermabrasion.

6. The Q-Switched Laser

The Q-switched laser uses pulses that are each several picoseconds long to remove tattoos. This method is the latest and most advanced method for tattoo removal, but it isn’t suitable for people who have deep or colored tattoos.

7. The PicoSure Laser

This method uses extremely short pulses to remove tattoos. In addition, it is effective for tattoos that are deeper than the skin’s top layer. The downside is that this method causes burns in the area where a tattoo is located.

The better laser treatment for you depends on your tattoo’s color, shape, size, and other factors.

What Are Tattoo Removal Costs?

The cost of tattoo removal depends on many factors, such as the size and color of the tattoo to be removed. As a general rule, small tattoos can be removed within 2 to 3 sessions, while medium or large tattoos require more sessions and are thus more expensive.


If you have an unwanted tattoo that you regret getting, don’t give up hope! All it takes is some patience, effort, and money to finally remove the tattoo. There are many techniques and methods available to help you get rid of your tattoo. These approaches are popular among people who have tattoos and people with scars on their skin.

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