Matt Davies Harmony Communities Looks at The Best GPS Trackers for Your Pets


Even though there are numerous benefits to having a pet, one of the most common anxieties is that your furry friend may bolt through an open door or become scared on a stroll and wander down the road. Although you could drive around the area calling their name and hope they reply, a simple pet GPS tracker might help minimize the uncertainty and allow you to find your puppy before they wander everywhere around the street. In addition, according to Matt Davies Harmony Communities, GPS trackers are equipment for monitoring your pets’ whereabouts.

The Best GPS Trackers for Pets

  • Fi Smart Collar – The Fi smart collar is the smallest GPS tracker for pets, costing roughly $149 plus a membership charge. The tracker gadget is aligned with the collars and has a simple design that’s barely distinguishable from a standard collar. Moreover, the Fi pet tracker records your pet’s position and movements. You may establish step objectives for your pet and get a rundown of activities by week or month inside the app. If you enable the networking option, you may also view how your pet rates compared to all other Fi users and by age group, city, state, and breed. You may even track his buddies within the program and create new ones.
  • Link My Pet  – Link is an alternative for pet owners who need everything in one gadget. It is a record keeper, training gadget, activity monitor, GPS pet tracker, and more for roughly $135 plus membership. Link’s activity tracking covers active minutes, energy, walks, and kilometers, and your pet’s active time, which is classified as walking or running, giving you a complete picture of their activity. Sound and vibration functionalities are also included in the training elements to encourage good behavior.
  • Lynq Smart Compass  – The Lynq Smart Compass is distinct from the other trackers. It is only a location tracking gadget with no activity monitoring capabilities. So, your pet should not wear the Smart Compass unless you are going on a trip. In addition, instead of interacting with your phone through a cell connection, you receive several devices that link to one another. This is an excellent alternative if you want to visit areas with little or no cellular connection.
  • Tractive GPS – The Tractive GPS tracker is an intriguing alternative for pet owners, costing roughly $50 plus membership. If you attempt to determine where your pet is straying, the Realtime monitoring function refreshes the position every 2-3 seconds, giving you little time to worry. Hours spent, calorie expenditure, sleep, and quiet time are tracked. Tractive also includes a scoreboard that allows you to check where you stand regarding minutes active locally and worldwide, including your pet’s breed and pals.
  • Whistle Go Explore – The Whistle Go Explore is compact yet well-made. The stated battery lasts up to twenty days, outperforming the Tractive by a significant margin. The Whistle includes a bright light for locating your pet at night, but it doesn’t make any noise, despite its name. It geolocates over 15 seconds in missing pet status, which is faster than any bar the Tractive.


Every tracking collar or gadget offers distinct advantages and features, just as every pet has unique requirements. What you desire for your pet largely determines the finest GPS pet collar. Have the finest GPS tracker for your pet if you wish to keep records of their locations and ensure they don’t get missing. I hope you found anything helpful in Matt Davies Harmony Communities list of the best pet GPS tracker.

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