Players find physical casino games easier to trust since the actions the games are dependent on are visible. Meanwhile, the outcomes of a virtual game are automated. The player interacts with software and finds it hard to estimate the transparency of the software as actions of the software can’t be verified. The player’s view of the site really matters as it contributes to eagerness to make online purchases and loyalty. Most times, players assume that the payment methods are not safe and avoid online casinos. However, complete examination of the site by external auditor really helps alleviate most fears about online casinos. The analysis ensures the online casino plays fair and does not try to cheat the players.

Bonuses offered in online casino games

  • Sign up bonus. This is the bonus given out to welcome new customers. It is activated when players make their first deposit. It is very possible for players to get as high as 100% sign up bonus on some online casino sites. The sign up bonus could be restricted to certain games. Most times sign up bonuses can only be withdrawn when a certain amount has been won on the account. Players who สมัครgclub get this bonus.
  • Special bonus. This bonus is given out during specific periods. It is used to celebrate certain occasions such as valentine, Christmas etc. These slots have a higher chance of wins than other slots. Extra incentives during these periods attract more players.
  • Insurance bonus. This bonus is a sort of refund bonus that pays players losses incurred during the course of the game. Deposits without bonuses are the only deposits that are relevant in this bonus.
  • Consistent deposit bonus. This is the bonus given out on regular deposits. It is mostly given out to players who make daily deposits. This is to serve as incentive so they keep making deposits to play with.
  • Comp points. These are points given out on each bet placed. The percentage of comp points given out per wager is, however, very small compared to wager made. For instance, 1 comp point could be given per $5 wagered. These comp points can be exchanged for prizes, cash or tickets to special events.
  • Referral bonus. This bonus is given out when a player refers another person to the site. The referee only receives the bonus registration. However, the referrer only receives the bonus only when the referee has completed his registration.


The player’s perception is very important. Hence, online casino sites make effort to build a good reputation that inspires large purchases and customer loyalty. There are fraudulent casinos that refuse to allow legitimate winners to withdraw their winnings.

There are some casinos that abuse the bonus scheme. Some promise attractive sign up bonuses but end up not giving any out. Others offer attractive refund bonus which are nonexistent. There are also players who take advantage of these bonuses. They create multiple accounts to get multiple bonuses on those accounts at the detriment of the casinos offering them.

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