Sarah Schielke Named USA Today’s Women of the Year for Her Impactful Civil Rights Work

Sarah Schielke, a pioneering civil rights attorney based in Colorado, has been named one of USA Today’s Women of the Year for 2023. This prestigious award recognizes women who have significantly contributed to their communities and the country. Schielke’s tireless efforts in fighting for justice and holding law enforcement accountable have earned her this well-deserved recognition.

Schielke’s journey in the legal field began unconventionally. After graduating from Boston University School of Law, she posted an ad on Craigslist offering discount legal services to gain experience. This bold move laid the foundation for her future success as a civil rights attorney, leading to the establishment of her practice, the Life and Liberty Law Office, in 2012.

Throughout her career, Schielke has paved the way in civil rights law, employing unique strategies such as releasing body camera footage to the public to draw attention to police misconduct cases. This approach has proven highly effective, resulting in record-breaking settlements for her clients, including the $3 million settlement in the Karen Garner v. City of Loveland case in 2021 and the $7 million settlement in the Michael Clark v. Idaho Springs case in 2022.

Schielke’s dedication to her clients and her unwavering commitment to justice have been shaped by her personal experiences, including the loss of her father to cancer early in her legal career. This profound loss has taught her the importance of gratitude, positivity, and forgiveness, which she incorporates into her life and work.

When asked about her definition of courage, Schielke emphasized the importance of trusting oneself, loving others, and striving to positively impact the world, even in the face of powerful opposition. Her guiding principle is the belief that there are two types of people: good people and good people in pain, recognizing that everyone is trying their best, even if their actions may be misguided.

As Schielke continues to take on high-profile civil rights cases and inspire change within the legal system, her impact on the lives of her clients and the broader fight for justice is undeniable. Her recognition as one of USA Today’s Women of the Year is a testament to her unwavering dedication and the profound difference one person can make in pursuing a more just society.

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