University of Phoenix’s Lean Library Develops Students’ Research Capability

August 2022 saw University of Phoenix team up with Lean Library, part of Technology from SAGE, to offer a browser extension that enables an enhanced research capability for students.

The browser extension works with University of Phoenix’s online library, offering students seamless access to additional research materials when working outside of the library website. With this research tool, students can locate research materials more easily, saving them time and money on their studies.

Doris Savron, University of Phoenix’s vice provost, explains that the University offers this convenient research tool to add value to its student experiences. She describes Lean Library as a “simple but elegant tool” that students can use to make the most of their research time. Using time effectively is especially important for the University’s wide base of working adult students, many of whom balance their studies around other commitments.

How the Lean Library Browser Extension Works

Students who download the Lean Library browser extension see a pop-up message when they search for information through the University library. This kind of information may include e-books, articles, and other subscriptions.

If the University library doesn’t have access to a required resource, Lean Library will redirect the student to an open-access version of that resource if it exists elsewhere.

With Lean Library, students can access popular journals on top of University of Phoenix’s library materials. Plus, students who use Google Scholar will see a pop-up on the side of their browser that grants them immediate access to the University library’s:

  • Ask Us service: Students who need research help or are looking for a specific article or book can submit a form asking for help, and the library team will get back to them within 24 hours.
  • FAQs: Students may also be able to find answers to their questions (instead of contacting the library team) in the University library’s detailed FAQ base.
  • How Do I” guides: Students who need help with their research can access these handy guides for clear assistance on how to undertake their research.

University of Phoenix’s Other Library Resources

University of Phoenix’s library also supports students through its events, comprehensive blog, Request a Document service, Center for Collaboration’s Learning Team Toolkit, and Center for Writing Excellence’s various support provisions.

1.     University Library Events

University of Phoenix’s library hosts a variety of events to help students with their research endeavors. The most recent event, “Doctoral Students: Making the Most of the Library” took place on Nov. 14, 2022. This online session showed doctoral students how to use the library and where to start with their doctoral research.

2.     University Library Blog

University of Phoenix’s librarians post regularly on the Keeping Up With the Librarians blog, providing students with useful tips and insights. Recent blog posts include:

  • Scary library stories and a little treat from your UOPX library
  • New UpToDate toolkit
  • New business databases added
  • 10 super-secret UOPX library tips

3.     Request a Document Service

Students who need a specific document can make the most of University of Phoenix’s Request a Document Service. With this inter-library-loan service, they can request their required resources, and the University’s librarians will do their best to locate the resources to meet each student’s academic research needs.

If the required document is already available in the University library, the library team will send the student detailed instructions on how to access the resource. If the resource isn’t available, the library team will attempt to obtain a copy from an external source, often within a day.

4.     Learning Team Toolkit

Students can also access a toolkit of materials that can help them improve their competence as team members and leaders. The Center for Collaboration has crafted this toolkit to help students improve their collaboration skills, an aim that University of Phoenix works to fulfil across all academic program curriculums.

With three-quarters of employers considering teamwork and collaboration very important, and 97% of employers considering collaboration a skill that graduates/new hires must possess, the Learning Team Toolkit is an invaluable tool for University of Phoenix students.

5.     Center for Writing Excellence

Finally, students can enjoy time-saving tools, 24/7 writing resources, and support for their degree level from the Center for Writing Excellence. Through this Center, staff can help students locate relevant resources for their research and build their writerly confidence as they complete their coursework.

Some of the Center for Writing Excellence’s tools include templates, checklists, and samples for coursework; plagiarism guidelines; grammar assistance; advice on how to overcome writer’s block; and a reference and citation generator, which students can use to ensure consistency and accuracy in their references and citations. The generator creates references that they can include in their academic bibliographies and reference lists.

Learn more about University of Phoenix’s library.

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