Were you aware of these facts about CenturyLink Internet

Possibly the best factor about CenturyLink Internet is that they provide a hassle-free and straightforward pricing model to their customers. There are no price hikes which you will get from the other Internet service providers. Furthermore, customers are also not required to sign any contract to receive the service. One of the most significant advantages for households requiring a high amount of Internet is that CenturyLink does not have put data caps on its Internet. Therefore, you do not have to go around checking for the latest deals and services if you have opted for CenturyLink.

The one problem that the customers have reported in the case of CenturyLink is the low Internet speed service. CenturyLink offers 15 MBPS Internet speed. This might seem to be a little expensive compared to the other providers. If you are looking for the cheapest option for the Internet, CenturyLink may not be the right option for you. However, CenturyLink is an excellent choice if you wish to go for mid-level to high-level speed plans.

Advantages of opting for CenturyLink Internet service.

  • There are no data caps placed on the Internet connection
  • Contract free options are available
  • If you avail of the bundle versions, you will receive more discounts.

Disadvantages of opting for CenturyLink Internet plans:

  • Nationwide hotspots are unavailable at the moment
  • There is an extra installation fee charge
  • The fiber options availability is minimal right now

Deals and promotion options in the case of CenturyLink

The absence of data caps is the best deal that CenturyLink has to offer to its customers. Whether you opt for the DSL plan, which is the simply unlimited Internet, or if you opt for the fiber Gigabit plan, you do not have to worry about the Internet speed slowing down after a specific limit. You can game, tweet, stream, download massive files without worrying about your Internet getting over.

Bundling options available with CenturyLink

CenturyLink comes with options of bundling your phone, Internet, and TV service in one single package. This way, you will pay one single amount every month and will not have to worry about the individual bills of your phone, TV, and Internet. You can either choose to go for the double play bundle option, which includes the home phone and Internet connection, or you can opt for the triple play bundle option, which provides for your phone, Internet as well as TV servers.

The best CenturyLink Internet plan

The best CenturyLink Internet plan would be CenturyLink fiber Internet which starts at $65 per month and provides speed all the way to 940 MBPS. This is possibly the fastest speed on all of CenturyLink’s plans. Furthermore, this service runs on the fiber Internet. This indicates that your Internet connection will be smooth all day long. Even if your household has multiple persons who use Wi-Fi at the same time, you do not have to worry about the buffering time or the Internet speed slowing down. The availability of an unlimited amount of data at the monthly fee of only $65 is perfectly reasonable compared to what you will be availing.

The best CenturyLink phone plan

If you’re looking for the best CenturyLink phone plan, you should go for the unlimited nationwide calling plan. It is available at $45 per month. If you go for the standalone plan or you will have to pay $36 per month if you go for the phone and Internet plan. This plan offers unlimited nationwide calling over long distances. The most significant advantage with CenturyLink home phone is that it provides clear voice quality, which you cannot receive if you go for VoIP phones or Internet-based phone connections. CenturyLink’s home phone plan is a very affordable option for keeping in touch with all your friends and families anywhere in the US.

Fees in the case of CenturyLink

One of the most liked features of CenturyLink by the customers is that there are no hidden contracts or early termination fees involved. Most Internet service providers ask their customers to enter into contracts that extend for a period of 12 months or 24 months. The unfortunate part of such agreements is that if the customer is not satisfied with the services and one wishes to leave before the termination of the agreement duration, the customer has to pay an exit fee to the company. With CenturyLink, there is no such hassle.

You only have to pay a one-time fee in the case of CenturyLink. This will include the installation fee and the equipment purchase price. You are allowed to use your own modem if you wish to pay less. The monthly payment and the charges of CenturyLink TV, Internet, and phone plans may differ depending on your state taxes and government surcharges.

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