What are the common Search Engine Optimisation myths you need to know about?

With the need for users to increase the ranking on their pages on Google and other search engines, people are coming up with mysterious suchmaschinenoptimierung strategies. You should know that some of these strategies work while others are a fraud. In this article, I will provide you with the common search engine optimisation strategies you will need to know about:

The myth of keyword targeting.

In the past, keyword targeting was a common search engine optimisation strategy practised by many people. However, the latter changed with the introduction of the Hummingbird that changed the future of the Google search. Search engines came with the latter strategy to encourage people to create content that Google would love. Therefore, as you focus of keyword targeting consider the content that users love.

Myth of having an XML sitemap will boost your keyword ranking.

The second sistrix Google myth that you will need to debunk is that one of having an XML site that will boost your search ranking. The latter is not guarantee even despite the fact that XML is an important part when it comes to keyword ranking.  It is important to know that XML sitemap will assist different search engines crawl as well as index to fresh pages faster.

You should note that Meta tag does not matter.

The third important factor to note is that Meta tags do not matter today when it comes to optimising your pages for the search engines.  Their importance is to provide a particular snipset for a particular web page. Therefore, you will need to put much focus on the three elements of Meta tags. These include title tag, Meta description, Meta keyword or phrase. It would be much better considering the three elements rather than one.

Top tier domain will improve your keyword ranking.

Another myth you will need to know is that of a top tier domain will improve your page visibility. It is somehow true, as today many people would recognise .com sites as being much better compared to .biz. Alternatively, .guru. The main reason is that when one searches for content, the ones that come on top are with the .com as the domain name.

It does not matter most by you including a target keyword in anchor texts.

Another seobility check myth you will need to know about is if you should include target keyword in your anchor text. You should know that your anchor text would be the clickable hyperlink. A good example is that link you clicked to access this content.  You should know that you would need to be considerate when it comes to creating your rich content anchor text using keywords. In a situation when you over optimise, you content might be deemed appropriate.

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