Why a Virtual Assistant from the Philippines Could Be Your Next Best Hire

Different businesses globally hire one or two VAs in the Philippines. That is because Filipinos have always proven to be one of the A-players when it comes to the world of freelancing. Apart from that, there are many other reasons for hiring a Filipino VA. Some of these reasons include the following:

1.      They’re Multilingual

Virtual assistants in the Philippines have a good command of the English language. As a matter of fact, they have the capability of reading, writing, and speaking both Filipino and English.

Statistics show that the Philippines ranks 3rd globally, with many English speakers. That is because English is the key medium of instruction in Filipino schools.

In terms of English proficiency in written and verbal communication skills, Filipinos rank at the top. Communication is one of the key aspects in remote virtual assistant jobs, and by outsourcing such tasks to a Filipino, the language barrier will no longer be a problem.

2.      Cost Efficiency

Hiring a VA is more affordable than enlisting the services of an in-house team. For a starters, it slashes down on hiring overhead – meaning you will not find it necessary to set up some hiring ads. All you will need to do is reach out to reliable hiring online sites or portals where you may post ads for free.

Hiring a VA also comes with many perks of ‘pay by hour arrangements,’ where you will be paying based on the services you need and for how long. Your contract can also be based on projects, giving you an option of rehiring the services of a Filipino VA for the next project.

3.      Quality Services

A Filipino VA is a highly experienced and skilled expert who can provide you with various services, including customer service virtual, content creation, social media management, administrative tasks, and so much more. They may as well help with time-consuming tasks and free up time so you can concentrate on taking your business to another level.

4.      Philippines Value Education

Parents in the Philippines always want the best for their children, with most wishing their kids to surpass them. According to most Filipinos, failing to send their children to school can be a worse mistake than losing their jobs.

Parents always look for ways to educate their children. They sell properties, file loans for each other, borrow money, and have two different jobs so they can earn more. So, you can expect your remote receptionist, or VA to be skilled and educated.

5.      Strong and Impressive Work Ethics

Among the key reasons Filipinos are popular with BPO firms is because of their work ethic. The dedication and impressive work ethic Filipinos have are part of their national culture.

VA companies often have both part-time and full-time workers ready to work in different time zones. Considering their impressive work ethic, remote work won’t be an issue.

The Takeaway

If you are unsure whether your business needs an admin assistant vs office manager in the Philippines, it is imperative to understand the responsibilities of both roles. For a start, hiring Filipino VAs might seem risky and unconventional, but the reality is that they are the key to sustainably growing your business. Not to mention, Filipino VAs are more affordable, reliable, and skilled.

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